Privacy Policy


Our users ' privacy is very important to us. Below is information about the personal data collected when using our services.


Wykorzystanie ciasteczek ("cookies")

The web page you are viewing records on your computer so. cookies. These files are mainly used to identify you on the site. Stored in them is your session ID, so you know what content page is your view (eg. Your language settings, additional parameters of the page). Cookies use different scripts that collect statistical information on this page, so that it administrators know what content most often are viewed, and can thus adjust page content to users. Similarly, Act scripts trading companies that display ads on your pages. If you do not want this page save cookies on your computer, you can disable them (it may, however, involve the impossibility of use of the site or its malfunction).


Google Analytics Stats

Traffic on the pages of our sites is monitored by Google Analytics stats. This is to collect data about the way and the popularity of the use of our sites. By using the website you agree to analyze your data by Google Analytics for the purposes described here.



If you have additional questions about privacy, please contact us via Contact form