See the current position of the ISS Pictures from cameras placed at the ISS


There are special cameras on the International Space Station (ISS) that allow us to view the cosmos up close. These cameras are mounted on external parts of the ISS and allow us to capture beautiful views of our planet, as well as other celestial bodies, such as the moon, stars or even the auroras.

The cameras on the ISS are highly durable and can withstand the extreme conditions of space, such as strong solar radiation and extreme temperatures. The cameras transmit real-time images to Earth, enabling space scientists and researchers to conduct space exploration and observation with unprecedented precision. Thanks to the cameras mounted on the ISS, we can view the cosmos in ways we would not be able to experience on Earth. Images from the ISS show us the beauty and complexity of the universe, and allow us to better understand the processes taking place in space. It's fascinating how much we can learn from the cameras on the International Space Station!