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Orbit launches
742.03 km
Average height
26952.02 km/h
Average velocity

Satellite information SCD 1

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Orbit launches 1993-02-09 (30 years ago)
Days in orbit 11250
Country/organisation of origin Brazylia (BRAZ)
Starting point AFETR (Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral, USA)
Perigee 712 km/h
Apogee 774 km
Orbit slope (inclination) 24.97°
Laps per day 14
Height SCD 1 742.03 km

Additional information SCD 1

The first Data-Collecting Satellite (Portuguese Satélite de Coleta de Dados) (aka SCD-1) was launched on February 9, 1993. It is the first satellite developed entirely in Brazil and it remains in operation in orbit to this date. SCD-1 was designed, developed, built, and tested by Brazilian scientists, engineers, and technicians working at National Institute of Space Research and in Brazilian industries. It was made to be launched with a Brazilian rocket in 1989. Once it was officially recognized that the rocket could not be completed until many years later, SCD-1, after undergoing minor adaptations, was finally launched with a Pegasus rocket made by Orbital Sciences. The rocket was launched from a B-52 airplane while flying over the Atlantic Ocean.



Average orbit height SCD 1

Average velocity SCD 1

Average inclination SCD 1

Update time: 2023-11-29 12:55:16
Average height of ISS SCD 1 is: 742.03km
Average velocity SCD 1 is: 26952.02km/s
Średnie nachylenie orbity SCD 1 is: 24.97°
SCD 1 został wyniesiony na orbitę w dniu 1993-02-09
SCD 1 is from 11250 days na orbicie.