Photo AO-92

Spacetrack Directory Number
Orbit launches
455.88 km
Average height
27505.75 km/h
Average velocity

Satellite information AO-92 - FOX-1D (AO-92)

Spacetrack Directory Name AO-92
Alternative name FOX-1D (AO-92)
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Orbit launches 2018-01-12 g.01:00 (5 years ago)
Days in orbit 2082
Country/organisation of origin USA (US)
Starting point SRILR (Satish Dhawan Space Centre, India)
WWW Here
Perigee 485 km/h
Apogee 499 km
Orbit slope (inclination) 97.32°
Laps per day 16
Orbit LEO (Sun-Synchronous)
Height AO-92 455.88 km

Additional information AO-92

High energy radiation instrument ?HERCI? developed by the University of Iowa Department of Physics and Astronomy, a Virginia Tech camera experiment, and a Pennsylvania State-Erie MEMS gyro experiment. Fox-1D will also serve as a communications relay for amateurs worldwide via the onboard FM repeater system.



Average orbit height AO-92

Average velocity AO-92

Average inclination AO-92

Frequency AO-92

In the table below we show the frequencies AO-92.

Uplink Downlink Beacon Mode
435.350/1267.350 Mhz
145.880 Mhz Beacon: 145.880 Mhz FM CTCSS 67.0Hz/200bps DUV
435.350/1267.350 Mhz
145.880 Mhz Beacon: 145.880 Mhz FM* CTCSS 67.0Hz/200bps DUV

Update time: 2023-09-25 02:39:11
Average height of ISS AO-92 is: 455.88km
Average velocity AO-92 is: 27505.75km/s
Orbit slope (inclination) AO-92 is: 97.34°
AO-92 was launched into orbit on 2018-01-12
AO-92 is from 2082 days show orbit.