Spacetrack Directory Number
Orbit launches
505.6 km
Average height
27406.58 km/h
Average velocity

Satellite information 2024-125H

Spacetrack Directory Name 2024-125H
Orbit launches 2024-07-04
Country/organisation of origin USA (US)
Starting point AFWTR (Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA)
Perigee 490 km/h
Apogee 526 km
Height 2024-125H 505.6 km

Average orbit height 2024-125H

Average velocity 2024-125H

Average inclination 2024-125H

Update time: 2024-07-18 02:36:08
Average height of ISS 2024-125H is: 505.6km
Average velocity 2024-125H is: 27406.58km/s
Average orbit height 2024-125H is: 97.31°
2024-125H a new group of Starlink satellites has been launched 2024-07-04