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Spacetrack Directory Number
Orbit launches
860.72 km
Average height
26725.3 km/h
Average velocity

Satellite information NOAA 18

Spacetrack Directory Name NOAA 18
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Orbit launches 2005-05-20 (19 years ago)
Days in orbit 6972
Country/organisation of origin USA (US)
Starting point AFWTR (Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA)
Perigee 840 km/h
Apogee 861 km
Orbit slope (inclination) 98.87°
Laps per day 14
Orbit LEO (Sun-Synchronous)
Height NOAA 18 860.72 km

Additional information NOAA 18

NOAA-18, known before launch as NOAA-N, is a weather forecasting satellite run by NOAA. NOAA-N (18) was launched on May 20, 2005, into a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 854 km above the Earth, with an orbital period of 102 minutes. It hosts the AMSU-A, MHS, AVHRR, Space Environment Monitor SEM/2 instrument and High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS) instruments, as well as the SBUV/2 ozone-monitoring instrument. It is the first NOAA POES satellite to use MHS in place of AMSU-B. NOAA-18 also hosts Cospas-Sarsat payloads.
APT transmission frequency is 137.9125 MHz (NOAA-18 changed frequencies with NOAA-19 on June 23, 2009).

satellite NOAA 18 Date of exalting 20.05.2005y. Average height of ISS NOAA 18 hundred 860.72 km. Average velocity NOAA 18 is 26725.3 km/s. Inclination NOAA 18 satellite 98.89°.



Average orbit height NOAA 18

Average velocity NOAA 18

Average inclination NOAA 18

Frequency NOAA 18

In the table below we show the frequencies NOAA 18.

Downlink Mode
137.9125*/1707.000 MHz
137.913 MHz APT
465.988 MHz BPSK
1544.500 MHz BPSK
1707.000 MHz HRPT
137.350 MHz DSB
2247.484 MHz BPSK
1698.000 MHz FMN

Update time: 2024-06-21 02:05:16
Average height of ISS NOAA 18 is: 860.72km
Average velocity NOAA 18 is: 26725.3km/s
Average orbit height NOAA 18 is: 98.89°
NOAA 18 a new group of Starlink satellites has been launched 2005-05-20
NOAA 18 is from 6972 days Days in orbit.