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Spacetrack Directory Number
Orbit launches
614.93 km
Average height
27191.3 km/h
Average velocity

Satellite information AO-91 - AO-91

Spacetrack Directory Name AO-91
Alternative name AO-91
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Orbit launches 2017-11-18 (6 years ago)
Days in orbit 2378
Country/organisation of origin USA (US)
Starting point AFWTR (Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA)
WWW Here
Perigee 452 km/h
Apogee 812 km
Orbit slope (inclination) 97.58°
Laps per day 15
Orbit LEO (Sun-Synchronous)
Height AO-91 614.93 km

Additional information AO-91

Fox-1B, AO-91 or AMSAT OSCAR 91 is an American amateur radio satellite. It is a 1U Cubesat, was built by the AMSAT-NA and carries a single-channel transponder for FM radio. The satellite has a whip antenna for the 70cm and 23cm bands (uplink), and a second antenna for the 2m band (downlink). Fox-1B is the second amateur radio satellite of the Fox series of AMSAT North America.
To facilitate a satellite launch as part of NASA's Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) program, the satellite carries a student experiment conducted by Vanderbilt University's Institute for Space and Defense Electronics. The RadFx experiment at this institute hosts four payloads for the study of radiation effects on commercially available electronic components. So it should be tested electronic components "off the shelf" under space conditions. The payload of AMSAT North America is a single-channel FM converter from UHF to VHF. After successful launch, the satellite was assigned the OSCAR number 91.

satellite AO-91 Date of exalting 18.11.2017y. Average height of ISS AO-91 hundred 614.93 km. Average velocity AO-91 is 27191.3 km/s. Inclination AO-91 satellite 97.61°.



Average orbit height AO-91

Average velocity AO-91

Average inclination AO-91

Frequency AO-91

In the table below we show the frequencies AO-91.

Uplink Downlink Beacon Mode
435.250 MHz
145.960 MHz Beacon: 145.960 FM* CTCSS 67.0Hz/200bps DUV
145.960 MHz DUV
435.250 MHz
145.960 MHz FM

Update time: 2024-05-23 20:47:09
Average height of ISS AO-91 is: 614.93km
Average velocity AO-91 is: 27191.3km/s
Average orbit height AO-91 is: 97.61°
AO-91 a new group of Starlink satellites has been launched 2017-11-18
AO-91 is from 2378 days Days in orbit.