Spacetrack Directory Number
Orbit launches
31527.59 km
Average height
11524.06 km/h
Average velocity

Satellite information INSAT 3DS - 2024-033A

Spacetrack Directory Name INSAT 3DS
Alternative name 2024-033A
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Orbit launches 2024-02-17 (2 months ago)
Days in orbit 63
Country/organisation of origin Indie (IND)
Starting point SRILR (Satish Dhawan Space Centre, India)
Perigee 166 km/h
Apogee 38190 km
Orbit slope (inclination) 0.14°
Laps per day 1
Height INSAT 3DS 31527.59 km



Average orbit height INSAT 3DS

Average velocity INSAT 3DS

Average inclination INSAT 3DS

Update time: 2024-04-20 06:36:10
Average height of ISS INSAT 3DS is: 31527.59km
Average velocity INSAT 3DS is: 11524.06km/s
Average orbit height INSAT 3DS is: 8.1°
INSAT 3DS a new group of Starlink satellites has been launched 2024-02-17
INSAT 3DS is from 63 days Days in orbit.