International Space Station (Norad ID: 25544)

Satellite information ISS (ZARYA) - International Space Station

Spacetrack Directory Number 25544
Spacetrack Directory Name ISS (ZARYA)
Alternatywna nazwa International Space Station
Orbit launches 1998-11-20
Dni na orbicie 7731
Country/organisation of origin International Space Station (ISS)
Starting point TYMSC (Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan)
Follow us on ISS (ZARYA) Position ISS (ZARYA)
1 25544U 98067A   20019.12698294  .00000452  00000-0  16123-4 0  9991
2 25544  51.6460  10.9537 0004959 145.1858 336.4447 15.49572028208754

Height ISS (ZARYA):

The graph shows how the orbital height of the ISS has changed over the last year. We collect data from 2018-07-01. We update the current altitude every hour. The average height of the station for today will be available on tomorrow.

The elevation of the orbit is clearly visible, which dramatically increases its height and gradually decreases the altitude associated with the resistance of the Earth's atmosphere.

Srednia prędkość ISS (ZARYA):

Data aktualizacji: 2020-01-19

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